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Find Your Perfect Typing Position with Under Desk Keyboard Tray
Our 26.8 x 11-inch keyboard tray holds most keyboards, mice, and extra items, maximizing desk space while enhancing typing comfort. It is a valuable addition to any workspace, especially for those who spend significant time typing or working on a computer.
Our keyboard tray's C-clamp design allows for effortless connection to any desktop with a thickness below 2.4 inches without drilling or damaging your table. Please note that our tray is unsuitable for desktops with beams at the bottom, bevels, or raised edges.
The sliding design facilitates easy access to the keyboard by quickly sliding it out from under the desk. Similarly, sliding it back keeps the keyboard out of the way when not used.
Experience the ultimate convenience with our keyboard tray under desk of ergonomic design. Relieves fatigue even after long hours of typing.
The ergonomic positioning offered by an pull out keyboard tray enhances comfort while typing. With a more relaxed and natural posture, you can work for longer periods without experiencing fatigue or discomfort.
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