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1080Px1920 Web Camera Specifically Designed for Professional Quality Video Calling, Recording, Conferencing, Gaming. Computer Camera with Full HD glass lens Deliver Crisp Image and Crystal Clear Video at a Fluid 30 Frames Per/sec

Webcam with Built-in Microphone. Built-in dual Noise Reducing Microphone, Superior Stereo Audio, Which allows for clear and natural sound recording.

Camera with Facial-enhancement Technology Optimizes the Image Gutomatically, Which makes you look great in Recording, Video calling, Online Teaching, Gaming. PC Desktop Webcam widely works with Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10 and above, Compatible with Skype, OBS, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch,

NO additional driver required, just Plug and Play. 1080P webcam camera, equipped with Automatic Light Correction and HDR technology, with low light correction --Pro streaming webcam auto adjusts color and brightness for natural lighting 

The web camera can rotate 360 ° wide angle lens features captures every details of the picture. 

HD 1080P Webcam with Noise Reducing Microphone Auto Widescreen Rii RC100 USB Computer Desktop Camera for Video Calling Streaming Recording Conferencing Gaming 360° Rotat Low-Light Correction

- High Resolution HD 1080P CMOS Sensor
-Blink control 50Hz,60HZ
-Photo format
-TWAIN :Support Net meeting and other video conferencing sofware
-Resolution 1920*1080
-Built-in Sound adsorption and noise reduction microphone
-Focusing range 20MM-Extreme
-WM engine 18CM/bmp high speed processor
-Support equipment : Support for mainsteam computers above
XP2,Vista,Win7,Win8,Win10 Maintenance system. Installation steps
1.Turn on the Camera Mount and point the camera toward the front of the display.
2.Stick the 3M on your LCD montior back(NOTICE: used 3M not able to attach to second device)
3.Connect USB data cable
Package Contents
1* 1080P HD Webcam
1* User Manual

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