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Smooth and silent rolling nylon castors

Softer than ordinary chairs, breathable and less sweaty, this is a popular armrest design with customers

Maximum load capacity 330 lbs

Space-saving flip arm for different situations. Can be placed under a table when empty




Product Description: A stylish and practical chair for home office executives that will help you work hard throughout the day. Enjoy the comfort of breathable mesh fabric and built-in lumbar support, and the adjustable seat height makes this chair ideal for a variety of users.
This chair is designed with 0°-90° swivel armrests: when in use, the distance from the table can be adjusted to make the sitting position more comfortable.
When idle, push the chair into the bottom of the table to save space.
Certification: Proprietary formula, international SGS and BIFMA*5.1 certified air rod design, adhere to the highest quality standards.
Support: Fits your body shape and distributes your weight evenly across the chair surface for ultimate support and customized comfort.
Pressure Relief: Conforms to the contours of the body, thereby reducing pressure points.
DURABILITY: Fits perfectly to the contours of your body and returns to its original shape every time. Designs last for years, returning to their original shape day after day and year after year.







[Flip Arm]—— Space-saving flip arm, suitable for different situations. Can be placed under the table when empty
[Simple and Elegant]—— High-back tables and chairs with stylish design and simple adjustment. Match with different decoration styles.
[Height Adjustable]——The chair height is adjustable, you can adjust it to your favorite height, perfect sitting posture
[Stable and Durable]--Heavy duty base, smooth and silent rolling nylon casters, up to 330 lbs.
[Thick Armor]It is gentle on the skin, protects the elbows, is softer than ordinary chairs, has good air permeability, and is not easy to sweat, it is a popular armrest design among customers.
[Stronger carrying capacity]Nylon material, can rotate freely within 360 degrees, excellent stability, easy to move to other places, is a convenient caster. Wear resistance is also very strong.

Material; we use mesh fabric, 350 steel detachable feet, nylon plastic frame, adjustable armrest, 19 pallets, high density recycled cotton + virgin cotton,
Product color: black
Total product size: 65*49.5*121 (cm)
Country of Origin: China
Maximum load: 150kg/330lbs
Packing method: side sealing and king-shaped sealing glue, add five more strips of sealing glue at the sealing of the carton, foot box, separate carton packaging.
Note: ***Please be sure to follow the instructions to install the product.

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