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Product Description RING MOB PL


Brand:5 Core


✅ Desktop Overhead Ring Light Kit: Crafted of premium carbon steel and ABS; this ring light kit consists of a high quality ring light; a 360° adjustable shooting arm and a stable light stand; which glare soft and uniform light and adjust at will. Aims to apply video recording; portrait and makeup; live streaming; etc.

✅ Flexible Overhead Shooting Arm: Equipped with an overhead shooting arm; this light kit supports multi-angle adjustment. Up and down; left and right; front and back; adjust at will. Whether in high or low position; it will offer you the perfect angle shots.

✅ 360° Rotatable Phone Holder: Designed with 360 rotatable degree; the phone holder at the arm supports various angles for adjustment; allowing you to capture the perfect shot. That works with 99% smartphones in the market.


5 Core overhead ring light kit makes a great choice for an influencer or people who want to improve the way their pictures look on social media platforms. Wherever you are in the world take professional; dynamic lighting with you! 5 Core Overhead Selfie Ring Light Kit The overhead ring light kit to cast an even light onto the subject. This reduces shadows in the face and minimizes blemishes; while illuminating the eyes. This is why ring lights are commonly used in portraits; glamour shots; or even videography capturing only one subject. It's not a single source hitting your face; so it really helps wash out any blemishes. When you're filming or shooting a makeup tutorial you can actually see what's going on with your face. 3 colors lighting mode: white; warm yellow; and warm white. Each lighting mode has 11 adjustable brightness to choose from; meet all your needs in different circumstances; for Youtube video; make up; beauty salon; Facebook live beauty videos; video chat; live streaming; product display; etc. Multi-angle Shooting Arm The light kit is equipped with an overhead shooting arm that can be adjust at will. Up and down; left and right; front and back. You can achieve whatever you want. 360° Rotation Phone Holder The phone holder adopts a 360° rotatable ball head that supports various angles for adjustment; allowing you to capture the perfect shot. Reinforced Stand Base The plastic & steel base is widened and reinforced for increased stability. The non-slip pad under the stand can effectively protect your desktop from scratches.


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